Booth Seating

Why Choose Us?

We provide excellent service for  domestic and commercial customers. We:

  • Arrive on Time:  We make appointments and we keep them. If you need to re-schedule we will oblige.
  • Measure with Care: We measure carefully and note all details to ensure correct ordering for your project.
  • Quote Promptly: We produce your written quote at  our first meeting – subject only to the availability of all essential information.
  • Keep Our Customers Happy:  We are in the business of ensuring customer satisfaction. Our work is as specified or better.
  • Make Delivery: We have our own truck with a regular Sydney and Country delivery schedule. We use carriers only for remote locations.
  • Have Capacity: We have the capacity to undertake sizable commercial contracts. We cheerfully accept smaller jobs in our specialties.

Why Reupholster?

The market is flooded with cheap imported furniture. These products are cheaper, partly due to lower labour costs, but also because substantially lower quality materials are used in the manufacturing process.

Like most Australian Manufacturers we take pride in the skill of our tradespeople and our high standards in the provision of our products and services. We use the best available components for every job.

Our products have a lifespan that more than meets our customers’ expectations and is  about FIVE times that of the imported products currently available.

You can rely on us for a good outcome for your next commercial or domestic upholstery project.